Tips for Crossing the Border

1. Have identification ready for the customs officer. For acceptable identification requirements please click here.
2. If traveling with a child or children then. Have birth certificates for every child in your vehicle. For a child or children, who are not in your immediate family, have a note or proof that they have permission to cross the border with you.
3. Turn off radio, cell phones, or anything that may distract border agents.
4. You must declare all vegetables, fruits, animals, birds, plants and plant products, meat and meat products, and eggs.
5. Declare all items acquired for personal use.
6. Resident aliens must carry residency cards at all times.
7. Don't fool around. Customs and Immigration agents are law enforcement officials who take their duties very seriously.
8. Approach inspection booths in a safe and orderly fashion.
9. Follow all posted or directed instructions.
10. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.
11. Be patient. The border is a very busy place.
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